Multi Ch. Multi BIS, BISS  Chappaquiddick Saginaw of Michigan

Tiny  was the number 1 young dog (all breeds) in the country and won 8 BIS in Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain. 

As an adult, he was the number 2 (all breeds) dog, winning 7 BIS, 42 BIG and 64 CC. He's International, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Mediterrenean Champion and Junior Champion of Luxembourg, Gibraltar and Portugal. Dalmatian of the year for 5 consecutive years, from 2004 to 2008.

He continues to have a very successful show career as a veteran, winning 5 BIS and the title of Luxembourg and Gibraltar Veteran Champion .

He has nice round bone, beautiful deep chest, pretty feet, excellent pigmentation,  exceptional temperament and personality. His calmness and gentleness are truly impressive.